As soon as 9-year-old Aimable moved to Hope for Life’s home in January, he had one constant question. “Do I have a sponsor yet?” He even asked his friends to join him in prayer for this request.

In April, Aimable’s friend, 10-year-old Claude, boldly went up to a visitor to our home, Harry, and asked, “Will you be Aimable’s sponsor?” Our staff nudged him and apologized. We knew that Claude was only trying to help Aimable.

Aimable’s prayers were soon answered when Harry came back with his entire family from the UK to tell Aimable that they were going to sponsor him!  As Aimable was told that he had not just one sponsor, but an entire family, he responded with dance. Tears were shed at just how beautiful the moment was. His joy was seen in every step and spin. For him, this day was unlike any other and he was dancing like it.

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Aimable and his sponsor family.

After experiencing years of abuse, neglect, and almost death at the hands of his biological family, Aimable is overjoyed to be part of the HFL community and his sponsor’s family. One of his sponsors, Hannah, told us, “Visiting Rwanda didn’t just give our family amazing memories and a time none of us will ever forget, but it also brought the long awaited 5th member of our family.”

Aimable receiving a hug from his sponsors, Hannah and Jane (from left to right).

Aimable receiving a hug from his sponsors, Hannah and Jane (from left to right).

Your love and sponsorship mean the world to each child in our community. It has the ability to change a child’s outlook on life, heal past wounds, and shape a healthy future. Thank you for being a part of the HFL family!

Aimable having fun with Harry.

Interested in sponsoring a child? There are 15 kids who still need sponsors. Find out more at: